Marty KornMy name is Marty B. Stone. I am a Woodstock resident and have been developing developing computer applications and absorbed in the technology world for past 20 years. I developed Computer Woodstock so that I could teach the skills that I have learned over the years and help people to negotiate the fast developing computer and technology world.


Computer Woodstock offers a broad range of services including education, repairs, web & graphic design as well as video production. I work with both PCs and Macs. No matter what your skill level, from a very basic beginner to advanced learners, I can help you people to become more proficient and extend their computing capacity. My approach is very flexible and I can work with you to meet your needs, from small projects and issues to major projects and productions. I am happy to meet you at your home or business or in my office in Woodstock village.

Artistic Flair & Design

In addition to living and loving the world of technology, I am also a stone artist, writer and graphic designer. I apply this artistic flair to the world of the web. I love developing unique and graphically fascinating web sites & graphic designs.  I will work with you to get the exact look and feel that you like.

My Web Sites & Designs

Woodstock Dreams
Woodstock Dreams is a full service media company serving Woodstock and the surround.

Why Woodstock?
I devoted this “Resource and Creativity Center” to the creative & spiritual spirit that is the village Woodstock.

I am passionate about environmental causes and EcoAlliances is a site  devoted to developing innovative solutions to  the escalating environmental crises

Video Productions

Please Let Us Be: Reforesting Our World

This video was produced as part of a series on global warming and climate change to help to communicate both the seriousness of the problem and also the hope of effective solutions.

Produced by Marty B. Stone, EcoAlliances www.ecoalliances.org – Woodstock, NY
Song by Marji Zintz – www.marjizintz.com


Reviews for Please Let Us Be

“Please Let Us Be…very very exceptional…the entire message was right on target and the picture of the girl with a tear in her eye was absolutely awesome…what pictures! Everything came together with the audio, pictures, and the message was clearly creative!!!! The pictures and the animals…the pandas, everything was just superb!” SG


“Tears stream down my cheeks as I watched. Let it be, Let it be…My heart is full, the music, the voice, the pictures, the message, wonderful.” AS

I look forward to hearing from you to see if I can help with any of your computing or technology needs.

Marty Korn
Computer Woodstock
1766 Glasco Turnpike
Woodstock, NY 12498